To all who worked so hard for the past four years, we thank you.  Pennsylvania thanks you.   The country thanks you. 

Yinz voted your [donkeys] off!  You elected leaders, not tweeters.  You have defended democracy for all of us!  

Thank you for supporting the Progress PA billboard campaign, for doing the hard work of contacting voters in so many other ways, for showing up at our rallies, and for the encouragement we provided to each other along the way.

 We are not finished with our work!

In early 2020 Progress PA realized the pandemic had turned the election cycle upside down. In normal times members would be out knocking on doors and holding rallies in support of our candidates. Most of our members felt it wasn't safe to canvas in the middle of a pandemic and feared voters would not welcome a stranger at their door.  It was time to think outside the box and the Big Sign Up campaign was born. We started raising money to buy billboards. We started with hopes of funding 3 or 4 billboards around Allegheny County, but the idea caught on and we began helping other groups and individuals across the state. Progress PA's Stacey Vernallis took care of finding billboard locations and coordinating contracts and found. Our fantastic graphic artist Alison Duncan designed the images and messages for the billboards. Progress PA PAC help raise nearly $110,000 for billboards across the region, eventually placing them in 55 spots in 20 counties, so many that they were told the advertisements would register five million impressions per week. Here are just a few of the great designs by Alison Duncan.