Yinz Vote N'at

Rally for our Rights 2022

In celebration of Women’s Equality Day, local grassroots groups Women’s March-Pittsburgh and Progress PA hosted a peaceful rally for reproductive rights and all our rights currently threatened by extremists.  


Speakers included Kadida Kenner, CEO of the New Pennsylvania Project, a voting rights organization modeled after the successful New Georgia Project founded by Stacey Abrams in 2014.  


Other featured speakers were:

PA State Senator Lindsey Williams (PA SD 38)

Congressman Chris DeLuzio (HD 17)

Jessica Semler, Etna Borough Councilwoman and Constituency Relations Specialist for State Senator Lindsey Williams

Dena Stanley, activist, and Executive Director of TransYOUniting PGH.

Democratic candidate for PA House Mandy Steele (PA HD 33)

Nick Haberman, Founder and Director of LIGHT Education Initiative, a 4th generation Pittsburgh teacher, and the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh’s 2018 “Holocaust Educator of the Year”.

Tracy Baton, Director of Women’s March-Pittsburgh

Rally organizer Tammy Garcia.  

Teacher and former PA House candidate Lissa Geiger Shulman was the emcee.


Refreshments donated by local women-owned businesses, including Abeille Voyante Tea Co, Sprezzatura, Lincoln’s P&G Diner, and Cousins Tavern. 

After 22 years in office, PA State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe has earned a reputation for crazy, stupid antics. Everything from inviting a climate change denier to testify on  CO2 emissions to calling veteran who believe in climate change "traitors" to telling a fellow representative to stop touching him. Now it's been revealed (Pittsburgh Current) Metcalfe has been paying  $475/month (of taxpayers money) to lease a "ghost office" in Mars. The office which is  just 5 miles down the road from his official office in Cranberry. The "ghost" office is in the basement of the Johnstone Tea House. This has been going on for ten years! There is no sign or mention of this office, so constituents had no knowledge of it. 

After repeated phone calls to Rep. Daryl Metcalfe's office got no response, a group of constituents and taxpayers visited the Representatives' "official" office at the Cranberry Municipal building on Thursday, October 29, 2020. They wanted some answers from Metcalfe on why for almost ten years, he spent $475/month to lease a secret "ghost office" in Mars when the official district office in Cranberry is just 5 miles down the road.

Metcalfe's staff was not helpful and, at times, hostile to the constituents. The woman speaking to the group refused to give them her name. The staffer also refused to put on a mask while speaking to the group. Then the conversation ended when the maskless staffer shut the door in a constituent's face. 

The group then stood in front of the Municipal building for about 30 minutes, holding signs demanding accountability from Metcalfe and an end to Harrisburg's corruption.

To see what happened during the visit to Metcalfe's office click this link. Constituents Visit Daryl Metcalfe's office. 

Rush Hour Rally

Rush hour rally  October 23,2020

ProgressPA joined Butler Democrats for another roadside rally during rush hour to support Joe Biden and other Democratic candidates.

We will gathered peacefully to celebrate Democratic candidates and encourage voters to vote blue!

We had a great turnout at our GOTV rally in Wexford, PA on Friday Oct. 18th. Thank you to everyone who showed up and stood up for our great Democratic candidates.

Rush Hour Rally Oct. 9 at the corner of Rt. 19 AND RT. 288 in Cranberry to support Joe Biden and other Democratic candidates

Rally in support of USPS workers in front of Post Office on  Perry Hwy., Wexford PA Sept. 10, 2020 

Rally to mark 200,000 COVID deaths in the US. Sept. 18, 2020 in Wexford PA

Rock Painting Gets Out the Vote event on Sept. 10, 2020. 

Members of Progress PA get together for some art therapy and activism. Painting rocks for Biden/Harris, Vote 2020.

State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta joined Dan Smith (candidate for the State House Dist. 12.) at a rally and lit drop in Cranberry PA o 9/27/20. Dan is trying to unseat longtime incumbent , climate change denier, science denier, COVID denier and mask denier, Daryl Metcalfe.

Emily Skopov (candidate for PA 28) is joined by Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta (PA-181) and Sate Rep. and Democratic House Whip Jordan A. Harris (PA-186) State Rep. Dan Miller (PA -42) Sunday, Sept. 27th in North Park.

Rep. Kenyatta represents Philadelphia County, and was elected in 2018. He is the first openly LGBTQ person of color and one of the youngest members elected to the PA General Assembly. Rep. Kenyatta is deeply committed to creating an equitable and inclusive society.