Remember the 3 Rs : REGISTER to vote, REQUEST a ballot and RETURN your ballot on time.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to drive progressive change in the Southwest Pennsylvania region by engaging with current elected officials, identifying and supporting Democratic Candidates for office; informing and mobilizing voters, and collaborating with other groups in support of the election of our candidates and other progressive candidates for local, state and national offices.


In support of our mission, we will:

1. Engage in advocacy with elected officials by calling and writing to elected officials, by requesting and participating in town halls, meetings, and video/audio conferences with elected officials and their staff members, and by recording and circulating summaries and outcomes of these events.

2. Engage in activism by arranging and participating in peaceful demonstrations, marches and rallies.

3. Form strategic partnerships with other activist groups and local Democratic Committees to recruit members and to engage voters in strategic races.

4. Engage in research needed to win strategic races, including potential candidates, voter demographics, issues, and effective messaging.

5. Engage in community outreach by recruiting and assembling a team to mobilize voters at the grassroots level through voter registration efforts and canvassing on behalf of supported candidates.

6. Use broadcast, print, and social media to deliver our messages to elected officials and to voters in order to convert online outrage to action in the voting booth.